Prefabricated Arch Supports

Most prefabricated arch supports are constructed around a normal foot.  There are many companies making prefabricated arch supports in numerous materials and styles.  For some people prefabricated arch supports are sufficient, however many people need a more customized fit for their particular foot type. Often it is difficult for a person to find the right style and material to accommodate their body weight and foot type.

When selecting a prefabricated arch support, it is important to take in to consideration and match a persons body weight with the material, shoe selection, and structure of the foot. As discussed in the custom orthotics section a foot is similar to a tripod. The heel composes of one leg and the inside and outside of the ball of the foot make up for the other two legs of the tripod. Some prefabricated arch supports come with a top cover while others do not. Top covers can be made of different materials and made two different links. The actual arch support should end just before the ball of the foot.

Prefabricated arch supports
Notice how the arch support stops just before the ball of the foot

When trying prefabricated arch supports there are certain things to take into consideration. For a list of optimal fitting instructions please refer to the custom orthotics page.

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