Burning Tingling Leg

Burning tingling leg or Sciatica is a condition similar to that of peripheral neuropathy, except the symptoms will normally affect only one leg.  People afflicted with sciatica will relate burning, tingling, or a sensation of pins and needles somewhere along the leg or foot. In sciatica the nerves become pinched and inflamed in the mid to lower back where they exit the spinal column.  Where and which nerves are pinched determines the symptoms experienced by the individual.  The pains can be transient, aggravated by very specific activities, or seem very random.  For example, some patients will experience the pain only when sleeping and others may only experience symptoms while standing or running.  If the nerve becomes irritated and inflamed enough it will remain symptomatic until the impingement is resolved and the nerve is allowed to a normal state.

Burning tingling leg


Burning Tingling Leg
Areas burning and tingling can usually be tracked to see exactly which branch of the Sciatic Nerve is being impinged

Burning Tingling Leg or Treatment for Sciatica

Treatment for sciatica can be very difficult.  The cause of the impingement of the nerves will dictate what kind and how successful a treatment will be.  I recommend X-rays and a complete evaluation by an experienced physician.  If a person had a traumatic injury I usually recommend a orthopedic surgeon and if not a Chiropractor or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) specializing in manipulative medicine.  Best case scenario manipulation and a different mattress will relieve the symptoms. Orthotics can stabilize and minimize some stress to the lower back  associated with with flat fleet. Flat feet can cause muscle strain, over rotation and excessive jarring all of which can cause flare up burning tingling feet