Athletes Foot Infections

Athletes foot infections can be frustrating and difficult to treat.  There are two different types of athlete’s foot infections- the moccasin distribution and interdigital.  The most common type of athletes foot infection is the interdigital infection while the moccasin distribution is the most difficult to get rid of. Athletes foot infections can be characterized by redness, scaling, maceration, cracking, itching, pain, blisters, and  may develop pustules similar to pimples. Some people are more prone to athletes foot infections than others either due to environmental factors or genetic predisposition. The fungus is the cause athletes foot infection thrives in warm, dark, and wet places.

Diagnosis of Athlete’s Feet Infection

Moccasin distribution athlete's foot infections
Moccasin distribution athlete’s foot infections- notice the sloughing of skin and the associated redness.

Diagnosing athlete’s foot infections is typically very straightforward with the interdigital type, however can be difficult when it comes to the moccasin distribution.  Not all presentations are the same as stated above, some cases may present with itching and mild cracking while others may be macerated with large blisters.  People with peripheral neuropathy may not have itching or pain due to lack of sensation.  In atypical cases, it is important to have a medical professional evaluate and treat the infection.

Treatment of Athlete’s Feet Infection

There are many over the counter (OTC) medications available for the treatment of athletes foot infections. Many of these creams are available in very low stirrings but usually are effective in the treatment. For cases not resolving with over-the-counter treatments or extreme cases, prescription medications may be necessary.  Sometimes it is important to switch from one brand or active ingredient to a nether to make sure that the fungus does not build a resistance to 1 medication. Medications that we often recommend in our office include 1%tonaftate, 1%terbinafine, or 1% clotrimazole

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